North Business Center

Zone: Bucuresti - Aviatiei

Property ID: CP127491
Price: 1.287€ / month
(+ 19% VAT)

Office building located in the northern part of Bucharest with the following spaces available for rent:
Ground floor – 117 sqm
Floor 1 – 207 sqm
Floor 2 – 412 sqm


City: Bucuresti
Zone: Aviatiei


Building year:  2007
Building floors:  4
Disponibility:  Imediat
Minimum rent surface:  117sqm
Maximum rent surface:  736sqm
Built surface:  2000sqm
Usable surface:  117sqm


Air conditioning: Mechanical ventilation
Architecture: Fake ceilling, Raised floor, Carpet
IT&C: Modern telecom system
Office windows: Windows that open
Safety and security: Permanent guard, Reception, Alarm system, Server room
Services provided in the building: Wheelchair access, Elevetor maintenance and repairs, Real estate management and administration, Snow removal

Globalworth Plaza



14.50€ /sqm (+ 19% VAT) Minimum Leasable Area: 100 sqm
Maximum Leasable Area: 1200 sqm
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