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Bucharest Business Park

Zone: Bucuresti - Herastrau
Property ID: CP323481

Price: 4.125€ /month
(+ 19% VAT)

Bucharest Business Park is a modern business center located in the center north area, at Casa Presei Libere and has a total leasable area of 24,500 sqm of class A office space.
Available spaces:
Building A – Floor 1 – 317, 387, 756 sqm
Building A – Floor 4 – 247, 296, 297 sqm
Building D – 1st Floor – 1,082 sqm
Building D – 3rd Floor – 1,088 sqm
Building D – Floor 5 – 354, 494 sqm

Address Bucharest Business Park

City: Bucuresti

Zone: Herastrau

Nearby: Piata Presei Libere, Baneasa, Kiseleff, Herastrau

Details Bucharest Business Park

Building year: 2006

Building floors: 5

Office class: A

Disponibility: Imediat

Minimum leasable area: 250sqm

Maximum leasable area: 4471sqm

Built surface: 24500sqm

Usable surface: 250sqm

Underground parking cost: 60EUR

Amenities Bucharest Business Park

Air conditioning: Fresh air, Central heating, 4-pipes climate control

Architecture: Glass curtain, Windows that open, Programmable destination elevator, Raised floor, Fake ceilling

Building facilities / proximities: Bus stop nearby, Restaurant in building

ECO elements: Building management system

Electrical system: Emergency generator

Safety and security: Secure parking access, Server room, CCTV, Access zone control, Smoke detectors, Permanent guard, Reception, Server room with racks, ventilation and access control, Evacuation system

Services provided in the building: Wheelchair access, Real estate management and administration, Logo on building, Separate metering, Exterior cleaning, Parking cleaning, Common space cleaning, Snow removal, Green space maintenance, Sanitation, Elevetor maintenance and repairs, Ventilation system

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